Al-HijraAl-Yahud - Eternal Islamic Enmity & the Jews

This most important book examines in depth and with a mastery of the basic documents, the crucial issues of our time. What are the sources of the enmity that drive and justify Jihad in all its forms? Will Judaism and Christianity survive when currently global Islam, supported by the universal Caliphate's Jihad against Israel enforces its 7th century claim to be the origin of these two faiths? This is the real meaning of the Jihad against Israel. With knowledge, skill and irrefutable scholarship, Al Maqdisi Soloman identify and explain the root cause of the Islamic denial of the Jewish and Christian Biblical history, identity and patrimony in the Holy Land. This masterpiece provides a mine of information on the Islamic challenge to Western survival, and should be read by everyone.

Professor Bat Ye'or, Author
Landmark works include "The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians under Islam", "Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilisations Collide", "Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis"

Elias Al-Maqdisi Sam Soloman's "Al-Yahud - Islamic Enmity the Jews" represents another groundbreaking work from this prolific writing duo. Following Maqdisi/Soloman's "Al-Hijra - The Islamic Doctrine of Immigration", Al-Yahud uncovers and explains some of the deepest held Islamic doctrinal beliefs supporting the continuous Jihad against the one enemy of Islam that is never forgotten or forgiven - the Jew.

In Al-Yahud the authors literally uncover the root of the problem between the Jews and the Muslims, a problem that manifests itself in the current Middle East conflict, which is currently being framed as a classical land-for-peace issue. Not so, say Maqdisi/Soloman - the problem is forever and will continue to haunt us as long as Muslims continue to believe in Mohammed's mission to retroactively supersede and claim the origins of Judeo-Christian Monotheism, then to "correct," and finally to complete the Jewish and Christian revelations.

Bjorn Larsen, President
International Free Press Society (Canada)